Be an affiliate

The Opportunity:
PlateTrax has developed an affiliate program that will allow authorized Repossession Companies and their Agents to increase their company's success by allowing them to help aggregate the data during the license plate scanning process.

Increasing your Client Base:
PlateTrax has relationships with many national reassignment companies, national skip companies, used car dealers, buy here pay here organizations, and of course the traditional auto lenders who are looking to increase their recoveries.

PlateTrax markets your company and is one of your best supporters in building your relationship with your clients and potential clients.

Live Hit Opportunities:
Your camera system is automatically loaded with thousands of “BOLO” (Be On The Lookout) vehicles in addition to your open orders.

When a BOLO vehicle is scanned, you are alerted instantly.

RepoPath Updater:
Partnering with RepoSystems.Com’s RepoPath program, our partners’ can rest assured that their equipment and personnel have visited their open orders addresses. As the scanners approach an address on the hotlist an update is automatically entered into the RepoSystems Partnership database.

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